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1440 AED
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Tired of backache?
60% of people suffering of these things:
— Sedentary lifestyle
— Chronic fatigue
— Problems with posture and flexibility
— Spinal hernia
— The spinal column is under tremendous pressure
— Frequent muscle spasms in the back
— Decreased activity of the lymphatic system: edema, inflammation, slow metabolic metabolism in the body
One of the most effective ways is inversion table

Inversion table - is a trainer that is made for inversion therapy. Its use helps to get rid of back pain due to the stretching of the intervertebral discs and relieving the load from the back, also helps to improve blood circulation and increase immunity. In addition, exercises on it helps to improve posture.
What are the advantages of using inversion table?
— Exercises on this trainer help to get rid of pain, relax;
— Load is removed from the back;
— posture is improved;
— by increasing the distance between the vertebrae, the compression of the spinal nerves is eliminated;
— spinal ligaments are strengthened, muscles are trained; as a result of blood flow to the spine, its blood supply improves, more nutrients and oxygen are supplied to the tissues;
— Spinal curvatures are eliminated; muscle spasms are remove;
— Inversion table is used for the prevention of varicose veins.

Price: 2700 AED
1440 AED

Convenience and Functionality
Anti-slip rubber feet for sustainability of trainer
Stylish rubber handle that makes it easy to hold
Foam foot platloforms that keep your feet safe
Adjustable foot holders that let you customize your trainer
  • Diameter of frame: 3.5 cm
  • Base and headrest lining
  • Durable metal frame
  • Upholstery: synthetic leather
  • Shell thickness: 4 cm
  • Adjustable rotation level with seat belt
  • Adjustable foot holders
  • Foam foot platloforms
  • Stylish rubber handle
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Recommended user height: 147-198 cm
  • Load capacity: 130 kg
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Regular home use
  • Size:
Length: 145 cm
Width: 69 cm
Height: 145 cm
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Price: 2700 AED
1440 AED
Improving posture, relieving spasms of the muscles of the back, strengthening the ligaments of the spine, relieving stress from the spinal column;
Blood Circulation
Stimulation of blood circulation, lymph flow, nutrient supply, prevention of such diseases as varicose veins
Prevention of joints and blood circulation contributes to the improvement of everyday well-being.
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glaucoma; hypertension 2 tbsp; arrhythmia; cerebral aneurysm; cerebrosclerosis;
chronic connective diseases; Coronary artery disease in the attack period; senile dementia; ventral hernia; prosthetic joints; invertophobia; pregnancy
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